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About Us

We first opened for business in 1986, and have been serving local businesses, and the rest of the UK ever since.


January 2013 sees a massive change for Quickshift Transport.


We have now moved into our new secure unit located in Heywood distribution park which is ideally situated right next to the m65/m60 and m62 motorways


We offer a full range of services, ranging from small local projects to major national work, and everything in between.


We now have our own fork lift truck onsite which is availible 24hrs.


With our new 24hr gaurded secure operating centre in Heywood we have access to almost any type of vehicle and we can arrange anything from small vans upto articulated lorries with bodies to suit almost any type of work i:e secure box wagons or curtain sided trucks with or without taillifts.

We can offer you a free no obligation quote right now, so hit contact us for more information.


2010 case study by the Transport Exchange Group






WHEN bosses at Quickshift Transport decided to join Courier Exchange a decade ago they knew it would help them increase efficiency and improve profit margins – they just didn’t realise how much.

With 24 years behind them the sameday delivery company is a proud member of the Exchange, the world’s largest trading hub for the sameday and express freight industry.

Glyn Hawkins, Transport Manager for the firm based in Littleborough, Lancashire, said: “Courier Exchange has proved to be a very good tool for us, not just providing us with work but providing us with the ability to expand our business and get jobs covered which we might not be able to handle ourselves.

“For instance we used to deal with hazardous chemical delivery but it got to the point where we weren’t getting enough work to make it worthwhile keeping our drivers’ training up-to-date.

“But with Courier Exchange we can always find capacity and sub-contract any jobs which come our way to appropriate and qualified drivers.”

Quickshift are a truly versatile logistics company. While a lot of their work involves delivering plastics and composites for industry they can and do deliver anything to anywhere.

Established by Managing Director David Malcolm 24 years ago, the firm boasts a fleet of vehicles ranging from small vans up to 18 tonne trucks and employs a number of drivers and three office staff.

Glyn said: “Years ago most of our work revolved around the textile trade but things have moved on and sadly the textile industry has declined.

“Over the years we have shifted just about everything, you name it we will deliver it.”

Quickshift’s experience and varied fleet marries perfectly with Courier Exchange, an online real-time network which enables its 2,000 plus members to trade loads and journeys and source available or part-filled vehicles returning to base.

Glyn can quickly search for capacity if there is a job Quickshift drivers cannot complete and mark up extra capacity when Quickshift drivers need backloads.

Reducing empty runs has been a major benefit as this improves profit margins and offsets costs

“Courier Exchange has been a brilliant tool for us,” said Glyn. “It has really helped us cut down on the number of empty vehicles on the road, something which was a problem before.

“Obviously this wasn’t great for us and it wasn’t great for the environment either as it was wasted mileage.

“Now with Courier Exchange it’s much easier to pick up backloads which is a bonus for us and the environment.”

On 1st April 2011, Quickshift Transport will celebrate it’s 25th year in business.

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